0.5 Poor


Firstly this film is a sham, The director promoted this film with top actors in the front poster cover, but they were hardly there.

Heroes is another disgraceful movie from the director that has made 3 films so far. Kyun Ho Gaye na was a Super Flop and Nanhe Jaisalmer was a disastrous flop. Heroes is another poor movie that is so boring i fell a sleep in the cinema. The beginning of the film was funny and kept you watching for a bit. Sohail Khan was having fun with Amrita Arora who i had fun with a few years ago. Anyway my point is the film had a little comedy in the first 20 minutes but later tried to be serious but did not work.

They are making a film about Why not to be in the army. The reasons were great in my opinion. Its no point wasting your life for the Prime Minister, let him fight his own war. If the PM tells you that your neighbours are terrorist then why do people follow? Majority of the world know that India government is high on corruption i.e.Rang de Basanti. So whats the point.

Anyway, Sunny Deol is another reason why this film failed. He has ruined so many films in the past with his over the top nonsense action scenes. He punches brick and breaks them, He is a mix of Superman and Krissh but a human form. When will he realise that he is disgracing himself and Bollywood in the UK.

Mithun was good, im a fan of Salman, but he was terrible. Sohail was good in the first half, Riya usually looks sexy but this time looked average, Preity was average, Dino and Bobby? Are they in the film cos i cant remember.

DO NOT WATCH. Ultimate bore