4 Very Good


Yemen's Haatim Bin Tai (Jeetendra) is approached by a traumatized Mariam, the daughter of Saudagar (Raza Murad), who requests him to assist and release her from a curse imposed by Gulnar Pari (Sangeeta Bijlani), who had cursed her father after being sexually molested by him. Before turning to stone, she had warned him not to get his daughter married, and if he did so, she, too, would turn to stone on her marriage, as well her husband, Munirshah (Vijayendra Ghatge) will perish. Haatim is told that the only way to get released from this curse is by trying to solve seven puzzles. Accordingly, Haatim sets forth in the company of Nazrul Nai (Satish Shah) - not realizing that soon he will be confronted by Malika Marjina who wants him at any and all costs; ruthless bandits (Joginder, Goga Kapoor); a giant flesh-eating ogre; dead people (Rajesh Vivek) who break out of graves; an enraged Shahenshah of Paristan (Alok Nath); the twin sister of Gulnar, Pari Bano; Sahira (Sonu Walia), and last but not the least, the seemingly invincible Jadugar Kamlakh (Amrish Puri).
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)