1 Poor

Hate Story 3

Director Mr. Vishal Pandya works is really appreciating. His style of taking shots are fresh and interesting. Story by Vikram Bhatt, could have been at least bearable but in the enthusiasm of making it more thrilling he has gone over board. Screenplay by him is fine. Dialogues by him and Anupam Saroj are OK. How can a person could be poisonous in this era!! They justified it with snake tattoo on his back!! Ridiculous. Girl knows the personal antidote of that person without knowing the person!? Mixing pesticides in cold drinks of nation fame corporate company is as simple as mixing in a country liquor domestic plant. Without any CCTV of other high end security gadgets available company was running it. There are lots of things which had been kept with the typical excuse that it is film. Gone are the days. Audiences are smart enough to laugh on such type of excuses. This film somehow manages to offers some hot scenes at least. Climax fight was so childish. Escaping from hospital, suddenly coming with pistol then again combat fight at already placed empty cartoon boxes and erected fake walls. All security persons are emptying their bullets on a dead body. When you are thinking to make a suspense thriller you have to be extra careful otherwise be ready to witness laughter on your so called high octane scenes. First half is good but second half is headache. Film looks beautiful and credit goes to cinematographer Prakash Kutty. Performance wise Sharman Joshi as Aditya Dewan is OK. Karan Singh Grover as Saurav Singhania is good. Zareen Khan as Sia Dewan looks like over pumped balloon and acts as same. Daisy Shah as Kavya, at least looks beautiful and acts a bit. Music wise "Tujhe Apna Banane Ka junoon" is melodious. Rest track are also fine.