4 Very Good


GURU represents a laborious piece of work from Mani Ratnam and his cast. Abhishek Bachan's performance is undoubtedly on of the tremendous efforts any bolyywood actor could come up with. Finally a boy showing up the quality of his genes inherited from his father, Amitabh Bachan.
For the first time there is a real threat to SRK's king position: this is the time. Hrithik Roshan natural showman and handsome walk here and there in films were never enough challenging to threaten the fine acting efforts of SRK who has always been ambitious an effort-giving in acting. But now with the resurrection of the Abhishek Bachan, there is time for worries. The next actor to rule has come, and its time to recognise what is good acting skills, and a true actor. Since films like Raju bn gaya Gentleman ,Lagaan, Devdas, its only now that have been able to watch again a new identify in an indian film.