4.5 Excellent


first of all i wasen't expecting abhishek bachchan to give any mass appeal performance.because of his previous performances.it is said that yuva was his first hit movie.but i say this is his first big major hit movie and going to be his finnest performance movie ever.yuva had Ajay,Kareena,Esha so it can't be said that it showcased his performance from others.it was a great mixture of performance by good actors one of which is abhishek.today when i saw this movie i saw a real actor performing damn character to die for.abhishek can now say that he is indeed a good actor and not a great actors son.Mithun da, Aishwarya,Madhavan and Vidya Balan were extra-ordinary too. All and All its one of the finnest movie that i have ever come across.Truely Mani Ratnam is a champion film maker.