4.5 Excellent


Mind blowing performances,awesome technical brilliance here it is GURU for you....most awaited flick in recent times.

Abhishek Bachhan :

He will stun you with his skyhigh performance.His best till date is said to be Sarkar and with this he will make you forget that.what an performance,kudos to Bachhan Junior.HE will stun you in every frame he is in.His performace was best rated among few best performances in Bollywood.

Mithun Chakroborthy :

Proved that his selection for the character is right.Very good performance from this veteran actor.His character with different shades completely satisfy you.Especially his performace in climax needs a special mention.

Madhavan : 8.5/10

He is damn cool and performed his rloe with lot of ease.He is looking damn handsome and challenge abhishesk in few scenes.

Aishwarya Rai : 8/10

Her performance need a special rate.She is good both for looks and performance.Her performance in last 30 mins is awesome.She is not that good in first 20 mins of the movie.She is looking aged,but the same look helped her in second half.

Vidyabalan 7.5/10

She is good as usual.But she had no scope to showcase her full talent.But with in the given premises she did it good.

Performances by all others are good.

screenplay : 8/10

First half is racy.And second half tempo goes down a bit.In fact there are few boring moments in second half.But first half is comparatively better than second half.

Photography is damn good.Especially framing and lighting effects and color tints used are good.Good work by Vijay Menon.

Music by A R Rahman is already a chart buster.And his BGM is simply the best.He is successful in getting the exact feel throughout with his terrific BGM.

Editingby sreekar prasad is good,last 20 mins little exception.

Dialogues are apt.and few good dialogues are there in second half and in pre interval episode.

This Movie may win critics acclaim for its technical brilliance and lot of awards too. But commercial success will be adoubt.

TailPiece : "Mani Ratnam" – Both words mean "gem"."Direction Gem" Mani Ratnam has truly given a gem of a movie, which will become a classic and garner a slew of awards, both national and international.