4.5 Excellent


GURU – The story of a Villager, Visionary and a Winner.

Gurukant Desai, a character whose life moved similarly as to the iconic Dhirubhai Ambani. According to the Mani Ratnam, director of this awesome movie, the story and the character Guru are totally fictitious and are not inspired from the life of legendary Dhirubhai but are inspired from the lives of various great men.

The movie starts from the time, when Guru was only sixteen or seventeen years of age but continues till he becomes eighty. Depicting the whole life of a person in 2.5 hours is also a very difficult task for the director. But three cheers to him, he did it again and that too perfectly. I don’t know which of his creations would be ranked as the best but I’m sure that Guru would also be amongst one of the best ones.

Not only the director but the entire team of guru had done a marvelous job. The cinematography by Rajiv Menon is brilliant, the screenplay by Mani Ratnam and editing by Sreekar Prasad are too good. Even the music by Rehman and the background score are too good.

The protagonist of the movie is Abhishek Bachchan. After watching the movie, you may belief that both of them that is, the role and Abhishek was made for each other. He did such a fantastic job that it looks like it was a tailor made role for him, even though every actor would love to do such type of roles. He overall did a stupendous acting. I think that Guru is his best performance till date. The movie is solely his and he carries it well.

Apart from Abhishek, every other actor too did their job very well but the Mithun Da was the best amongst the others. It seemed that he is back in Bollywood after a long time. Even Madhavan looked very young and handsome in this movie.

There are many scenes which I liked but the best ones were the final court room scene, the emotional hospital scene with his long time friend and associate, Manoj Joshi and the scene at the Mithun’s house, where Madhavan gives his opinion about Guru.

Finally, this is a movie which everyone must watch. And if you are missing this one then surely you are missing one of the best movies made in the Bollywood in the recent times.

The best thing which I liked in the story or about Guru is the passion which he had for making his dreams true. And one thing which Guru always believed and told people was:

“if you don’t dream
you will be stuck to your village
all your life”