3.5 Very Good

Mr.Adarsh ...What are you talking about...are you a good critic? I know this movie is not awesome but it is not bad too...that you have to mention so many things in a Diwali opener...apart Fashion which is for classes only not for the masses...I thought you are a good critic but very disappointed this time like some other crappy reviews.Okay,lets get into subject..mana ki Golmaal Returns is not the best but see man!! it is ten times better than your good reviewed Sing is King and twice as better as Om Shanti Om.Seriously,all the movies are below average in point of comparison with good movies as Rang De Basanti..but every movie is not a Guide or RDB or DDlJ...You have to be considerate..And the thing I seriously dont get is DUde!why just other actors movie you think are not good besides SRK,Aamir and Akshay.There is Ajay Devgan who is the dark horse and the best performer and Anil Kapoor or even sometimes John and Abhishek to name a few..They act DUDE...Try to be more relastic next time while revewing and dont give wrong impression of a film to the people before they watch as you can ruin a lot of people's Dewali Man.Come on be justiceful with other Stars too..When your fav actors play even a crappy movie you give god review butg for an average entetainer you give crappy reviews..WoW Dude!this is not a good thing..And you know it.Let me ask you one thing what is the review with the crappy Himesh movie...what is the name..oh!!Karzzz....You guys should stop him from acting otherwise westerners and other people will think there is nobody in India to act!!!

Go and watch Golmaal Returns with your family as a mass Indian in the Deewali time and have fun ...
Last thing Golmaal Returns is a typical average entetainer better than Karzzz or OSO or Sing Is King but not Spiderman Returns yaar it is made by Rohit Shetty(still new to business)not by Yash Raj or Subash Ghai..be considerate Dudes.