2 Average

Not a die hard fan of Deol but I am of his work in 1990 GHAYAL. So I went to watch this one and yes it's worth watching.The plot is pretty straight forward and lacks the twists and turns as in the 1990 GHAYAL but then action has improved and seriously has the potential to keep one glued.The characters do fade in and out sometimes abruptly but then they have done justice to their roles, especially NARENDRA JHA (Sachin Bansal) who had big shoes to fill in place of legendary actor Amrish Puri (Balwant Rai). The trademark GHAYAL tune helps. Yeah there are few loop holes and certain scenes don't make sense but then AJAY MEHRA the core of the movie, still remains the same, powerful at dialogue delivery and good in action. And just as an old song says "SOCH NA KYA JO BHI HOGA DEKHA JAYEGA", don't think give a watch once.