3 Good

It is an excellent action movie and refreshing from the bang bang stuff that we see very often. Unlike action movies, where the focus is on the action only, this has a lot of grit and emotions in it. It really catches you hard. There was never a dull moment in the whole movie.

The way Mumbai has been shown was amazing, especially the action scenes in the bylanes. It looked very realistic, something that most commercial movies do not get right. The action director has done an amazing job in making the movie action look as realistic as possible. Some of the actions are choreographed so brilliantly that I actually wanted the theatre to rewind it.

The story is raw, gritty ... some times over the top, but that is the hallmark of Sunny Deol movies. Nothing really wrong in that. It starts off from where the first part left off. Ajay Mehra is out of jail and is now the head of an investigative newspaper that fights for the underprivileged. Fate gets him closer to a group of kids who witness a crime by mistake. This gets them closer to the antagonist who is out to destroy any traces of his crime. He subverts and abuses the entire machinery to get his way. How Ajay fights this network and comes out the winner forms the crux of the movie.

I really recommend this movie for people who like raw, gritty action.