5 Excellent


It is just sad to see that most of the comments made by users on this movie have been either 0.5 or 5, rest assured all 0.5s have been SRK fans and 5s well take a guess.
I have seen Memento and now I saw Ghajini.. and only one thing to say, bollywood and movies made in India rock. Though the concept is copied but the way the movie has been shot, directed and acted is just mind blowing.
It is not only a tricky topic but possibly one of the most difficult for any actor to act. There is no big dialogues, there is no much romance, there is just gruesome intensity and any movie buff will tell you to maintain the right intensity is the most difficult thing. It is easy for actors to over do or underdo and the movie drifts.Kudos to AAmir for maintaining some awesome intensity throughout the movie.
Well all in all its a complete movie and a must watch.