3.5 Very Good

Gehra Daag

Shanker (Rajendra Kumar) lives a poor lifestyle along with his elder sister, Usha (Usha Kiran), and a younger sister, Asha (Mumtaz), in a town called Baksar. Both he and Usha attend the same college. One day a student, Ram (Ram Mohan), attempts to molest Usha, Shanker intervenes, arguments lead to fisticuffs, and Ram ends up getting killed. Shanker is arrested, tried in Court, and sentenced to 14 years in jail. While there he gets the news that Usha has married Ramesh (Madan Puri), and has given birth to two sons, Tinku (Muppet Raja) and Chimpu (Moppet Shahid). Due to his good behavior, he gets discharged after 10 years, returns home and on the way there rescues an elderly woman (Lalita Pawar), who had fallen from the boat, meets her daughter, Shobha (Mala Sinha), and both fall in love. Upon arrival at home, he is given a warm welcome by everyone, and this is when he finds out that Usha has told everyone that he was employed in Africa for 10 years. Ramesh picks an eligible young man for Asha to get married to, however, on the day of the marriage, the Prosecuting Attorney recognizes Shanker, the wedding gets canceled, an infuriated Ramesh will not have anything to do with Shanker, who attempts to kill himself, and is rescued by Shobha, who takes him home to her mother, who takes note of their romance and plans their marriage little knowing that all their lives will soon be shattered after Shanker makes a life-altering discovery in Shobha's house.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)