4.5 Excellent

Gabbar Is Back

Movie: Gabbar Is Back Rating: 4.5/5

Really, one thing needs to be praised about Indian directors that they often choose subjects that are related to the common people. In Gabbar Is Back, we get to see the same thing. Although a remake of A. R. Murugadoss's Tamil Action Drama film Ramanaa, Gabbar Is Back entertains even under the direction of Krish.

Akshay Kumar is fabulous. In fact, every actor, including Suman Talwar and our 'Guththi' Sunil Grover. In fact, this film will prove to be a way to big success in Bollywood. The story is gripping from the beginning to the end. Can't understand why some critics panned the movie. But forget the negative reviews. This film is a good and clean family entertainer (except for the song Aao Raja) and can be watched multiple times. The music is good and the action scenes too are well performed, choreographed and executed. The dialogues are crisp and worth praise. The film has good messages and how everything happens in the film is just simply entertaining. This film has the capacity to become a huge success at the Box Office, as it is evident from the way the film is made, as well as from the number of people in the theatre. Believe me, the theatre's more than 85 to 90% seats were full and we all enjoyed watching another Blockbuster by Akshay Kumar, among whose previous Blockbuster Entertainers were Holiday and Baby. I salute Akshay Kumar sir!

On the whole, Gabbar Is Back with lots of entertainment for both the masses as well as the classes. The film will surely do well at the Box Office, and entertain you all the time. One of the best action drama films of all time and most probably, the best films of 2015!