3 Good

Gabbar Is Back

Story line is simple but I support the motto and message behind this movie. Screenplay lacks intelligence. Screenplay only passes the information without any emotion. Dialogues by Rajat Arora, are good at places. Main protagonist character has been introduced as a common person but he always behaved and reacted like extra ordinary. Hanging a person or even a dead body in public place, which requires crane to bring down, is not an easy job. Kidnapping also requires some intelligence with trick but here it has to be happen so happened. Kidnapping of DCP is just assumed. If ones life is on threat then why did he allow persons to come in his birthday with mask, even mask has his own face? Film lacks thrill. Investigation about Gabbar looks fake. Female protagonist is lawyer but just for bailing out few persons in pre climax!! Main Villain does not stand out in front of Hero. Film gives typical south Indian movie feel, where a dead body used to come back with some miracle, is very common. Songs slows down further to the already slow movie. Akshay Kumar is very good. Shruti Haasan is fine. Sunil Grover surprisingly never gives any glimpse of his type cast image. He is good.