4 Very Good

Fun – Can Be Dangerous Sometimes

No Doubt, this movie was a Super Flop in the box office. The storyline was completely ridiculous. The acting was pathethic. The only thing that keeps the film moving is the eroticism. Bollywood is slowly making more and more Erotic movies, but this film is the most sexiest I've seen till date. It has loads of Adult scenes. The girls are good looking. Heena Tasleem is pretty sexy and Payal Rohatgi, who is making an impact in Bollywood for adult movies is the sexiest of the lot. This movie is full of unfaithfulness between all the girls. The girls suggest husband swapping and agree very quickly. This movie is definitely not for the family to watch together. A big disappointment, but great saucy scenes. I would love to stick my piece in Payals hole.