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There are quite a few reasons to expect good music from Force. First and foremost Vipul Shah has a good track record when it comes to music - Action Replayy, Namastey London, Waqt and Aankhen are a testimony of that. Also, Force is a remake of Tamil hit Kakka Kakka which again had superb music. Moreover, composer Harris Jayaraj's music of Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein is played even a decade after it was heard first. With Javed Akhtar joining as a lyricist, you do have good expectations from the soundtrack here.


It's a terrific start for Force with 'Khwabon Khwabon' with the opening track. A redone version of the same number which had become hugely popular in Kakka Kakka as well, this one carries a stronger punch to it with Kay Kay and Suchitra coming together well to create the kind of sound that has an international appeal to it. A love song that could as well find itself in a dance floor zone, 'Khwabon Khwabon' is just the chartbuster that John Abraham could well have been looking for, especially after his way too subtle outing in last year's Jhootha Hi Sahi.

Bombay Jayashree, whose rendition in 'Zara Zara' (RHTDM) stays on to be a mighty popular number across the country till date, sounds way too different in 'Chahoon Bhi' but effective nevertheless. This Harris Jayaraj has a quintessential South sound to it and in fact almost enters A.R, Rahman zone. However, by no means is that a deterrent as the love song not just flows smoothly but is also extremely easy on ears. To add to this, Javed Akhtar's poetry only makes this romantic number further special. With Karthik joining much later, 'Chahoon Bhi' may not be an instant chartbuster but has potential to enjoy a much greater shelf life.

There is a sudden shift in proceedings though with Mahua singing 'Dum Hai To Aaja'. Created by guest composer Lalit Pandit, this one appears to be set in a club or a villain's den and has a thump to it that starts making an impression after the song has been heard four-five times. Not the kind of number that one associates with a Vipul Shah film, this one comes across as an item number with a Mission Impossible interlude that adds on to the intrigue factor. One does expect this situational number to be adding on to the film's narrative.

Thankfully Force comes back to the basics and reverts with the kind of music that one was expecting from the soundtrack. 'Main Chali' is the romantic number to arrive and this one stands right up there with 'Khwabon Khwabon' when it comes to making a thumping impact. Yes, this one too has a Tamil flavour to it and one actually laps it up with both hands because an unexplored sound is always welcome. A mix of melody and rhythm makes this Naresh Iyer and Shreya Goshal number good enough to keep your attention on screen. Also, with the fusion of fire (John) and ice (Genelia), 'Main Chali' should make for a good combination.

Last to arrive is 'Dil Ki Hai Tamanna' which is a love ballad in the offering and follows a mood similar to that of 'Chahoon Bhi'. With Vijay Prakash, Shalini Singh and Neha Bhasin coming together, this may well have been a Valentine special picturised on campus youngsters. A song which seemingly appears in a situation where the lead pair is just about trying to know each other and becoming comfortable in each other's company, 'Dil Ki Hai Tamanna' could have found a comfortable inclusion into a quintessential romantic entertainer.


Force delivers as promised and turns out to be an impressive soundtrack. While 'Khwabon Khwabon' was anyways expected to be the USP of the soundtrack, 'Main Chali' turns out to be another number that works quite well for the soundtrack. 'Dil Ki Hai Tamanna' and 'Chahoon Bhi' aren't the kind of songs that you start humming around any time; however play them on and they can be expected to create a soothing outing. As for 'Dum Hai To Aaja', it would all boil down to how it is picturised. Overall, an album that has a potential to turn much bigger if the film too turns out to be a good success.

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