4 Very Good

My Review - Ek Tha Tiger……From last few years bollywood entertainment is getting classified in four distinct categories…..Comedy, Romance, Action and Story…..the first three categories are those where you may or may not find new stories or even “stories”, but you will still feel entertained, while the fourth category will always be an assured winner. ETT falls amongst the first 3 categories. The Indian audience should learn about these categories while setting expectations on their spent. Talking about Ek Tha Tiger…….Salman’s movie are generally liked by people who are action enthusiast…..and it would not be a hype to say that Ek Tha Tiger would please action enthusiasts like never before. I believe bollywood buffs would not be able to recall any movie in last decade having such nicely crafted action scenes. The cherry on the cake is Katrina making action moves and believe me you will walk out of the show quoting it as the most fresh and unprecedented part of the package. After looking at New York and ETT, I think Yashraj should award Kabir Khan as the best director for them in terms of utilizing the money they spend on shooting at overseas locations. The cinematography coupled with action scenes and absorbing background score has really made this movie stand far ahead of its copycat Agent Vinod. Both the movies have various things parallel to each other but Kabir strikes over Sriram Raghavan with his unparalleled aptitude to keep unreal action look digestible, on the grounds of proper editing, sequencing, background score and screenplay. The first half moves slowly and can appear to be boring for lot of people in audience but you will cherish the experiential screenplay where Salman goes into the flash back whenever encountered with questions from Katrina. Although the movie offers less amount of exercise to our cheek muscles but again remember that it is not "Bol Bachan" which actually falls into Comedy category and do fairly well in action rather ETT is a movie of action category which does fairly well in making you laugh. Suhail Sen and Sajid Wajid share one good song each, Laapata and Masha Allah respectively. Masha Allah falls in the frame with end credits and holds back audience to their seats with the smoking hot looks of Katrina. Salman and Katrina’s on screen chemistry is unmatched and their characters being similar (intelligence agents) make the frame go on fire. Both of them looked good but somehow were not supported with the best of the makeup you would expect them to bear. Ranvir Shorey had a small pie and he made the best use of it.

All in all, the most awaited movie of the year till date came out well with its promises to entertain the audience in Salman’s style and Kabir Khan’s work is clap worthy for restoring that style throughout in the 3 hour show. He has not worked on the story of the movie but he has assured entertainment with his action-packed screenplay, light-hearten dialogues and slow but simple narration.