4 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Why Why Why... I wonder why would this film be ever called even close to be bad!! Just because you dont understand cinema! I was scrolling down this page and found a lot of crap on the way! If you wanna sob and dont wanna crack that peanut in your head called brain then dont see DON, if you dont like cinema please dont see DON, and for every other reason PLEASE watch DON. I have seen amitabh bachchan's DON about 30 times, still have the VHS and a VCD(orginal!) and today I went with a DON 6'something and came out with a DON 5'9". It wont be early to regard Farhan Akhtar as a master of the craft because this was THE, and I can bet, THE best possible remake. I have heard on some channel calling this film as a perfect TRIBUTE to DON, Lemme tell you it isnt the same DON firstly! Its more dramatic, NOT at all dull or anything (provided only if you arent too!). I went with six other people, age varying 15-35yrs and everyone had the same opinion!! IT ROCKS!!!! I WILL WATCH IT TWICE AGAIN ON SCREEN AND WILL APPEAL ALL THE CINEMA LOVERS TO SEE IT JUST FOR THE LOVE GOOD CINEMA IF NOTHING ELSE. And those who havent seen the first will miss nothing, please see it! God knows how much these film analysts are paid for giving bad reviews.