4 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

srk is king. srk is the only actor who could play don, vijay, vijay as don; but actually a fourth character as well.
his don was sexy, scary,lethal and very clever and his vijay put a smile on my face every time. (how much of vijay was edited out of the final print only farhan chan say) but what rocks is the panache with which srk gave you clues to his fourth character while all the while fooling you into believing in his other characters until the final obvious clue is given.
to me srk is bollywood and he has never disappointed me in any of the 50 roles i have watched him do since becoming a fan in 2004. so i knew that srk was going to rock in don; and he has. sorry taran, but this time i don't agree with your assessment of srk's performance at all. vijay was perfect and his action and dance scenes were perfect with main hoon don and khaike being the highlights of the show and a certain choreographer hopefully only working with srk on this first and last project.
don isn't perfect, but it has enough great moments and performances dragging me back for many viewings before this movie leaves the big screen. and may we never see another movie where srk's character is not allowed to dance. i love it when srk is let loose to perform, because lets face it SRK PUTS EVERYONE ELSE TO SHAME. THANK YOU SRK.