5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Oh My God Don was a brilliant film. did everyone miss the most important bit of the film.
in the old movie amitabh said 'don ko pakarna mushkil nehi namumkin hai.' but duh! he dies....
in the new one SRK aka DON does not die so for him to use that dialougs is justified. how they say bollywood is trying to pull off an English film but this time farhan akhtar has done a bloody good job of it. everything makes sense you dont see a change of clothes 3 times in one song or scene... there are no bloopers... like in normal films the actress will have her hair tied in one scene and tied in the next. the villian will have a brutal fight and get injured but the next day he has not a scratch on his face. wheras boman irani has a mark on the top of his chin til the end. normally the hero or vilian will fight 50 copers or bad guys at the same time and there will be blood shed everywhere but no DON kills everyone with in style. giving them poison or just hitting them on a certain spot at the right force and time. SRK is consistant with his dialogues 'koi please nehi kehta' last but not least Why is everyone upset that the real Don is dead. That is what makes it a brilliant film. Wake up people. If anyone has anything to say about don or disagree with me please let me know i would like to prove you wrong.