3 Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

The weak points
1) The pre-interval portions are plain average. Only new techniques used.
2) SRK mis-fits the character of Vijay.
3) Is Boman Irani working in India or Malaysia?
4) Om Puri is wasted
5) Except Don,Roma n Dsilva, all other characters are sidelined.

The plus points
1) The scene before the interval when the first suspense reveales.
2) The film takes a faster pace in the post interval portions.
3) The rescue of injured don.
4) Don's escape from the aircraft
5) The grand finale

1) SRK = 4/5
2) Priyanka = 3/5
3) Boman = 4/5
.........all other actors have less footage any they do their part very well.