5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

As everyone already knows, Don is a remake of the same name starring Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role in 1978. The one question everyone wants an answer to is, "did Don - The Chase Begins Again live up to the high expectations?

As a matter of fact, this remake of Don is way above expectations. As I sat waiting for the movie to begin, I was full of excitement. And after the movie finished, I was still excited!

The strongest part of the movie was the climax and the last 2 minutes which revealed an earth-shattering scene. I will not reveal this scene, because it will ruin the movie for others, but the one thing I will say is that is was fantastic! Immediately after the last scene, I was shocked and everything seemed to be a little illogical. But as I recalled the story, things started to make sense. This last scene portrayed what a real Don should be like.

As for the performances, the highest performance was exhibited by none other than Shahrukh Khan who essayed the role of "Don". He has proved time and time again why he is called the "King Khan" and this movie will only cement his status further. He enacted the role for Don and Vijay with determination, and for this reason, he will hear praises from his fans for the next little while.

Arjun Rampal acted the role of Jasjit (JJ), which was earlier essayed by Pran in the 1978 classic. Although he had some pressure on his shoulders, he proved all non-believers wrong with his stupendous performance. This movie will only give him credits around Bollywood. As for this years supporting actor, watch out for him in the nomination's list!

The ladies has their own roles to play in the film, but it was Isha Koppikar who will walk away with the awards. Her facial expression and gorgeous look made her a great pair for Shahrukh Khan on-screen. It is safe to say that this is amongst her top performances.

Priyanka Chopra definitely acted with confidence in the shoes of "Roma," but pairing her up with Shahrukh Khan just didn't seem convincing.

As for Kareena Kapoor, she did have limited scope, but in the time she was on-screen, she acted fabulous. It seems that she is looking more and more beautiful as her movies release!

Before watching the movie, I felt Boman Irani was completely miscast. This was because he is known mostly as a comedian in his films so I felt that he could not act serious parts. However, after watching the film, one would understand why he can act even serious roles. He can only be described in one word, "amazing!"

As for the supporting cast, Pawan Malhotra (acting as Narang), and Om Puri (Malik)also joined hands with excellent performances.

As a whole, I believe that Don-The Chase Begins Again is a complete entertainer all the way. Although Jaan-e-mann is considered a fierce competetion, Don will definitely exist. As for box-office, word of mouth will only cement the movies prospects further. So, go watch Don, and enjoy it for yourself!