4.5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

If Dhoom was nice to see and worthy to watch, Dhoom II is the mega version of Dhoom.
The same cop and thief story, but This time the star Adds the great values to this film. Its the sequel of Dhoom, of course much better, bigger and higher.
The screenplay is very tide as the cinematography goes to Top with very great visuals.
Bollywood goes Hollywood way. That's the correct way to definate the Action and special effects from Dhoom II. The way its has shot is incredible.
There is not only the beauty, Action, Great special Effects... but their are also funny scenes done by Uday Chopra.
He became now the cop and handle well with Bipasha. While, Mr.A (hitrick) is a genious who try to make a landmark as an international thief. He has been joined by Sunheri (Aish). But Suneri has been ordered to join Mr.A by Abhisheak. Abhi can have the help by another cop Sonali (Bipasha). Now its their journey to arrest Mr.A. They goes to Brasil.... That's the story.
All the squences of Hitricks rock well. Theif in train, Museum are eye treater.
The locals of Rio is a new location for bollywood. The sequence of Aish training near water fall is very nice.
Music by Pritam is over-dominated by great film script as we interest more in story. Music is ok in its place, only Krazzy, and Touch Me stands out. Other tracks at average at its best.

Director of the film knows very well his job as the film is a landmark of Hindi Action cinema.
Hitrick Roshan impress much in this role of thief. Aishawriya and Bipasha added Sexiness in the film. Aish is excellent in her role. Abhisheak Bachchan is only actor who is average in this film as he got another average role. Uday Chopra Handles the funnt moments and he stands out well as an entertainer.

Wanna have such an english kinda movie which have full of Actions? Wanna see a nice chemistry of Hitrick-Aish? Wanna have a look to Bipasha in Bikini? Or Wanna get fun with Funny Uday? You can have all in one in Dhoom II.
This is the best film to come out from Yash Raj camps and the best Action Triller of Hindi cinema with great special Effects. Go and watch this all round entertainer... This film worth to charge double from you.