5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

What an absolutely awesome movie. i usually don't agree with reviews because they are mainly based on commercial success and for the masses, but this movie is for everyone. i mean where to start and where to end. it was an edge of the seat thriller. firstly i did not agree with the music reviews that d 2 did not have good songs. i liked them from the very start and after watching hritiks and aish's dances they are even better. the choroegraphy was fantastic and the execution by those 2 were even better.
i have been brought up on hollywood movies but i can say the stunts in this movie would match any other hollywood movie.
individually hritik and aish mindblowing, uday good with his antics, abhishek did justice to his role,it was not his movie and thats the bottom line. the villian was more glamorous and so we all liked him more than a cold police officer. moreover he did not have many dialouges and the attitude and class set by hritik and aish was just a little too much too handle.
overall go and watch dhoom 2 if u do manage to get a ticket and i'll go off to watch it a second time. GO DHOOM