4.5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

saw D2 yesterday and was simply ROCKING from the word GO ! Of course, its best that u overlook the script cos its even more flawed than the first part..so not only do you have to leave your brains behind at home, u have to simply forget that u ever had one , to enjoy this rollercoaster ride !

the movie belongs to HRITIK all the way, he takes the movie to a different level altogether..the beauty of this actor is that no matter how impossible a scene is, he makes it look absolutely believable..be it in the emotions dept,dressing dept,physique,action,dancing ..this dude simply ROCKS ! even though he plays the villain, we actually want him to escape from the cops ! of course a Krish hangover is evident from the way the stunts are executed..but hey, who cares ?

and pray what was ABHISHEK doing in the movie..felt really sorry for him having to do nothing except running behind Hrithik ..all the best one liners are stolen from him by UDAY Chopra, who surprisingly seems to have more to do than ABY Jr ! anyways, the best part where he gets to shine is the climax sequence where Hritik n him are on a bike chase..but compared to Hrithik, he simply pales..but nevertheless, there is a likability factor to this guy, that makes us support him no matter what ! so when his 2 left feet are more than evident during the one song that has been picturised on Abhi, we simply cant help but liking him !

UDAY Chopra is in the film only bcos of the family banner..otherwise am sure they would have killed this character off in the first part itself ! However, he excels in his tapoori role and his "mummy" liners are a treat ..but sometimes get a bit too much..the love angle between him and BIPASHA is totally unnecessary,but at the same time, kinda cute !

BIPASHA in a double role is simply SMOULDERING !! her intro was sooooo sexxyyy maann! the way she carries herself ..what a lady ! Every gaze,every look can set any man panting ! she had a role to speak of in the first half, but her twin sister is completely ignored post interval, i wish that the cop Bipasha should have been given something important to do in the climax (maybe a fight between ASH n her !!)anyways,the makers have demanded that she look HOT and she delivers exactly that !

The main reason i went to see D2 is not bcos of Hrithik, Bips, Abhi or Uday but to see ASH..no matter what the critics say, this lady is simply Sizzling hot ! i was a little disappointed not seeing her arrival in the movie for more than 40 minutes,but when she came..oh man oh man oh man...did the temperatures soar ! D2 has presented Ash like never before..she has proved that not only can she enact the typical Indian lass with aplomb,but when it comes to red hot super sexiness, she can give most actresses a run for their money..the outfits that she wore culdnt be shorter ..but thats a good excuse for showing off her toned physique and tanned looks..and on the performance front too, whenever the script allowed her,she has excelled ! all her interactions with Hrithik were the highpoints of this movie..her chemistry with Hrithik was simply mindblowing...especially impressive was the Revolver sequence..gotta admit, i had my eyes closed during that scene..and the basketball scene too was cute..excellent chemistry there as well...the cliff dropping scene..oh man..was jaw dropping..am really glad that ASH did this movie, cos it helped her prove that she can look piping hot and can carry off the tiniest of clothes with elan..

coming to the action sequences, each sequence was well executed and showed a lot of hardwork and money put in...especially impressive was the train scene nd the rollerblading scene...the climax in the tunnel too was mindblowing!

of the songs, Crazy Kiya Re with Ash in her sizzling avatar truly crazy kiya reeey and the Dhoom title song pitted both Ash's and Hrithik's dancing prowess to the hilt,while the Touch me song was cute n hot ..rest was ok..

the locations too were excellent..and colourful..and added to the grandeur of the movie..

especially worth mentioning was the makeup for Hrithik..his various getups makes it virtually impossible to recognise him..good job indeed !

the climax leaves the door wide open for another sequel..lets hope we get it soon (and hope Hrithik n Ash are in the sequel as well !)

There are several loopholes and unanswered questions..but like i said its a no brainer...so if you are looking for some hardcore masala action..D2 definitely is worth your ticket..have fun, Crazy ho jao and Dhoom machaao !!!