2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

I think, People that give this film a 5 Star, maybe giving it for the Following reason, there Favorite star is in the Film, Hrithik Roshan Outstanding Perfromance in the film or incredible stunts in the Beginning.

To tell u the true I expected more from this Film.
for me Dhoom 2 was better.
this is an example of a film which show u how far we are behind Hollywood.

Yes the Robbery was great.
Yes the Acting was good.
Yes the chase was good.

BUT why do this film had to have Romance.
Uday Romance was enough for this film.
Ashwariya Rai look like a match stick.
Even Esha Deol had a better figure show in Dhoom.
Ashwariya was just a show off in this Film.
Abhishek was ok, but come on, we could be more better.
Uday, was ok, I don't like him. But in most of these type of film, their is a need of a Stupid person.
Bipasha Was a waste. there was no need to waste a Talented actress like her.

Songs of Dhoom 2 wasn't needed.

Story of the film was good in the frist half, the second half the film was lost.

For me Dhoom was better set out, while Dhoom 2 is Saved Because Of HRITHIK ROSHAN.
I don't get me wrong I am not a fan of Hrithik nor do i like Hrithik much, But i would watch this film for him.

Most Bollywood Critic rate this high, but this derserved no more than 2.
But I give it 2.5, since I enjoy the first half alot.