2 Average

Dhoom 2

Police - thief game yet again, but is it smarter than the first episode? I doubt. Bikes, Dhoom Machale Soundtrack, well crafted action scenes, new & notable theme: all these contributed to the success of its predecessor. But Dhoom 2 is a complete change. The robber in this movie is a hi-tech thief and he's doing thefts all over the world that too only most valuables. But nobody is behind him, except Mumbai Police.

Aryan by Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya comes as Sunhari, a fan of Aryan. Aryan got his own style in robbery. He only aims most valuable goodies, and is only active once or twice in an year. And for him robbery is an art and he uses most modern equipments for his operations. He's also skilled in fights and other stunts. Above all he's charming and a master of disguise. Aish as Sunhari, also done her best. Her costume and image suits an action heroine. But the director hides her from action scenes, not even a single instance is there to show her action skills except her intro. The story says Sunhari caught by Ali after a bike chase, but it is not shown. And all other characters, even ASCP Jai by Abhishek Bachan lacks role in the film. Ali by Uday Chopra was irritating than comic at times. Bipasha done a double role as Shonali & Monali, and too got nothing to do much. In short Dhoom 2 is some well shooted robbery scenes, and nothing much.

Now about the songs and song sequences. Except Crazy Kiya Re I dont think other songs are even required in the movie. Ok, Dil Laga Na also somewhat fit to the movie. But for a film like Dhoom 2 which is a fast paced movie, I dont think this much songs are required. Hrithik and Aish performs well in the dance scenes. And on the other hand Abhishek, Uday and Bipasha not in their best.

Action scenes are crafted well and they are comparable with Hollywood movie stunts. But there are a number of flaws in the script. Audience will be having lot of questions to answer after seeing each robbery scenes. Even though Aryan uses hi-tech equipments and it is shown as he's doing a lot of planning and all, all the robberies not carried out convincingly. Often audience can't find any logic in those scenes. And he's left with questions unanswered even after the movie is over.

Climax which was one of the highlight of Dhoom, is nothing to talk much here in Dhoom 2. The climax is expected and nothing special happens at the end. Another side of the movie is love between Aryan and Sunhari. Both done well in those shots and the script too done well for those scenes. But Jai & Ali are never a match for Aryan. I got the question again, after committing a lot of international crimes only Mumbai Police is after Aryan? And how he manages to escape from all of them alone? And all those valuable things, what he's doing with it? At the end he is handing over the keys of a locker, but then, if he simply deposits these items in a locker, how he manages to find his money for his flights and for his costly equipments? There are a lot more to ask, but Dhoom 2 is not able to answer any. It is just another forgettable movie good for killing time, not a time pass - Dhoom Machale.