4.5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

As expert Taran Adarsh stated, "Does Dhoom 2 live up to the high expectations?"

The answer is indentical to Taran's answer which is YES. The Yash Raj sponsored film excels completely. Calling the movie fabulous is an understatement.

Be it the plot, characters or the music, everything was top notch. If Hrithik looked great in Krrish, he will surely win a higher praise for his exceptional performance in the Dhoom sequel. Moreover, if Hrithik dominated the action sequences, then Abhishek and Uday Chopra managed to match up to his height.

As for the performances, the highest and most dominant star of the movie was indeed Hrithik Roshan, imposed as Mr.Aryan in the film. Hrithik's sleek style and dancing sequences were praiseworthy. When comarping dancing, he can be called the best in the business. Moreover, his timing, physique and action sequences are never before seen in Bollywood today.

In addition to the characters, Abhishek Bachchan also did an excellent job essaying the role of ACP Jai Dixit. However, he should have been put in atleast one more song. After listening to "Touch Me," it felt that Abhishek wanted to prove that he too was a stylish dancer.

As for Uday Chopra, one feels that absolutely no one could have acted the role of Ali better than him. If he called for his "mummy" in the original "Dhoom," then this time around he will call every viewer's "mummy" to come see his performance in Dhoom 2! More importantly, he might be one of the many nominees for "Supporting Actor of the Year" and "Best Performance in a Comic Role"

Now to the ladies. Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu both enacted their roles with ease. Aishwarya Rai has proved yet again that she has that glamourous look to her. She looks stunning. On the other hand, Bipasha Basu also looks stunning in her sequences with Uday.

Rimii Sen has a miniature role in the film. However, while she is their, she provides some humour. The only problem that I felt while watching the film was that it felt like her voice was dubbed. It just didn't seem like her voice. A good effort nonetheless.

As a whole, Dhoom 2 will embark on a record breaking path and will surely be amongst the best films of the year. Yash ji has another hit to his bag. This will cement his reupatation even further. All in all, Dhoom 2 will win praise as days go by even if the people don't use their word-of-mouth. A sure-shot blockbuster!