4 Very Good

Dhoom 2

I live in US, hence I was one of the lucky few who had a chance to watch the movie before it hit the screens in India. Let me start my review by asking you - What does Dhoom mean to you? If it means non-stop action, jaw dropping stunts and foot-tapping music, then let me assure you- you are in safe hands. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride cuz Dhoom is back and its bigger and yes, better.

I wouldnt want to divulge the plot here bcuz trust me, if I did you would want to kill me( and I wouldnt blame you for that- I have been dying to see this movie for ages!!!). Let me give you a brief idea of what's going to hit you though. Dhoom 2 revolves around the mysterious ( enigmatic anyone?) thief known to the cops as Mr. A. No one has seen him, but everyone has heard of him. And then there are the cops. Jai Dixit( Abhishek Bachchan), Ali( Uday Chopra) and Shonali( Bipasha Basu) have a rough idea of where the next robbery will take place and they are hellbent on catching Mr. A red handed. What they dont know is that Mr. A is not alone anymore. He has befriended a clever( and stunningly b'ful) thief Sunhairi (Aishwarya Rai). What ensues is ACTION, ACTION and PURE ACTION.

Let me give you a piece of my mind: I went to Dhoom knowing that it was a popcorn flick, hence it doesnt have to make sense, it just has to entertain!!! And it exactly does that.

Now to the performances: Dhoom 2 to me can be described in one, heart-stopping word- HRITHIK ROSHAN. Its amazing what the presence of a super-star can do to a movie, cuz Hrithik is a super-star: how can he not be? His sheer presence electrifies the entire frame. His dialogue delievery, his persona, his get-ups: impeccable!!! And yes, I must say , no bollywood actor has ever looked so stunning!!! Its a sin to look so good.
Abhishek is his usual self and hence gives us an honest performance. Uday Chopra is brilliant as Ali ( a crook turned into a cop). His lingo, his "amazing" command over english are bound to win him plaudits !!! Aishwarya looks too hot to handle, though she over-acts in some scences( but who cares???). Bipasha has never looked better. Though her character is over-shadowed by the more important roles, she still leaves her mark!
Overall, Dhoom 2 is what it promises to be: one hell of a ride!!! Check this movie out, for Hrithik, for high octane action and lots of fun!!! Its Dhoom again!!!