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With Delhi 6, Rakesh Mehra brings together Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor, son and daughter of two Bollywood superstars (Amitabh and Anil Kapoor) of the 80s. Mehra’s last film, Rang De Basanti was critically acclaimed, raked in the moolah at the box-office and swept most awards. Undoubtedly the expectations are high, does Delhi 6 live upto it?

Delhi 6 is about Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan) a half-hindu half-muslim boy from US of Indian origin. He comes to India with his grandmother (Waheeda Rehman), who wishes to spend the last days of her life in her hometown. Roshan is amazed by the love, warmth and the sheer madness of the area. Soon he meets Bittu (Sonam Kapoor), who dreams of making it big at the Indian Idol and is quite desperate not to marry the guy her father chooses for her. What happens next forms the rest of the Delhi 6 tale!
Delhi 6 Review

10 things that didnt work in Delhi 6

1. The pace of the film is too slow. The first hour is a complete drag, it picks up slightly post interval but the last 20 – 30 mins is a let down.
2. The film lacks sense! There is something called Kaala Bandar in the area, which Abhishek explains (to the people) was seen, yet invisible! How can anything be seen, yet be invisible?
3. The film reminds you of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Swades and Madhuri Dixit’s Aaja Nachle at times
4. There is so much happening in the film and in the locality, add to it the many characters and stories that Mehra has squeezed into Delhi 6, it gets highly monotonous to sit through. You dont really know, what to see, where to see, what to understand or what to take out of the film!
5. Sonam Kapoor has limited screen-time. It takes about quarter of an hour, for the most relatable character in the film, to actually mouth her first dialogue.
6. The film ends up being too preachy.
7. Without revealing much, the typical happy-happy ending actually works against the film. Not to mention the over dramatic scenes involving Abhishek during the climax.
8. Abhishek Bachchan’s performance was disappointing to say the least.
9. The cinematography was below average
10. The whole lovemaking scene involving Cyrus Sahukar. Pathetic! Was that meant to be funny Mr Mehra?

The 3 saving graces of Delhi 6

1. Sonam Kapoor – Brilliant as Bittu
2. The character actors – did a fantastic job. Especially Vijay Raaz and Pawan Malhotra. Aditi Rao, Sonam’s aunt in the film, deserves a special mention – great screen presence.
3. The music – A.R. Rehman rocks!

Overall, Delhi 6 is one of the biggest disappointments of the year. A ludicrous film that’s not worth the price of your ticket.