4 Very Good


After witnessing a concert at a school for orphans, wealthy Nawab (Badri Prasad) decides to adopt Iqbal and brings him home where he lives with his wife (Protima Devi) and daughter, Suraiya. Unable to confirm to snobbish Taur Tarikas of the Nawabs, Iqbal decides to leave, but Nawab persuades him to re-consider and he changes his mind. Years later, he (Munawar Sultana) completes his education and is now a doctor, and unknown to him Suraiya (Husn Banoo) has fallen in love with him. When illness breaks out in a distant town he re-locates there, meets with Hamida (Suraiya), the daughter of widower Amjad Ali, and both fall in love much to the displeasure of Dilawer (Shyam Kumar). Iqbal manages to placate him with a diamond ring and while returning home gets seriously ill. After his departure, a physical confrontation ensues between Dilawer and Amjad, the latter gets killed, and a distraught Hamida is taken in by the Nawab. It is here Hamida hopes to re-kindle her romance with Iqbal but instead will not only face rejection from him, but also be accused of theft.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)