4.5 Excellent


absolutely mind blowing, loved it alot, superbly made. just superb. one of the best films of the year. already crossed 14 crore mark. there is never a dull moment. The action is over the top and purposefully so. Some people will love it and others will have a good laugh about it. Expect an out and out mass entertainer, and that is what you get. There is action, romance and lots of laughs. There are some emotional scenes too, but they are short and abrupt to keep away from becoming overly melodramatic.
The songs are very well placed and are entertaining too. And then there is the Wild West background score that adds punch to the witty one-liners throughout. The editing is crisp and the UP hinterland has been created beautifully. All the shots are filled with extras right up to your face.
There is a lot of style to Salman's character and don't be surprised if you see Salman aficionados sporting the thin moustache and wearing their ray-ban rip-offs at the back of their shirt collars and dancing to the title song. Then there are other actors like Arbaz Khan, Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar,Tinu Anand and a glimpse of Mahie Gill, making sure with their performances that this does not end up as a b-grade movie with poor side actors. There are directors who make films keeping actors in mind. We have seen this with Amithabh and of late Aamir & Shahrukh. It is about time that filmmakers capitalize on the kind of fan following that Salman has. And with Wanted, and now Dabangg, Salman has grabbed it with both hands. And if you are looking for a message in the film, it is loud and clear. This is not Classical cinema, this is good old' classic Bollywood, on a platter. It is not a parody of the 70's cinema. Instead, it builds on that style and is seasoned with action-Rajnikant style. Whistle aloud and have fun! Amazing,Superb,Sublime,Outstanding and many more synonyms I can use for this Salman Starrer. Sallu has given one of his best performance till date.What breathtaking action.