4 Very Good


The most eagerly awaited film of the year is finally here - DABANGG
Few points to note before buying your tickets:
2. Will you look for logic - NO
3. Will you love seeing action that will put Rajnikanth to shame - YES
4. Will you whistle when Salman enthralls you with his performance - YES
5. Will you dance to "Munni Badnaam hui" - YES
-if 3 answers match, buy now !!

Salman returns this EID with what can arguably be called his most explosive performance to date. If Wanted was of your taste, Dabangg will be too. If not, do not read further.

Set in Uttar Pradesh, the film revolves around the life of Chulbul Pandey(Salman.K) a fearless cop with an attitude. He pummels people with ease, makes away with the loot and mouths one-liners with panache. He doesn't get along with his step father(Vinod Khanna) and wasted-unemployed brother Makhi(Arbaaz) but loves his mother(Dimple) dearly. Set almost in a Sholay-like village setup, the goons fear Chulbul and their leader Cheddi Singh(Sonu Sood), a young politico, wants to have him dead. There's also his love interest, the reticent Rajo(Sonakshi).

Though there's no compelling plot here, its just the way all these characters play off each other that's a joy to watch. The film starts off with a bang, drawing you into the story in minutes. The only negative is that it dips sharply before the interval but makes up in the second half. Also the climax is a little comical. At just 2hrs 5min though, its crisp.

To sum it up, Dabangg doesn't pretend. Don't look for whys and hows, just take it all in. Soak in the unreal action, over-the-top dialogues and a Salman Khan experience that won't long be forgotten. At the box office, this one should be huge.

Raing: 4/5