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Living a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother (Lalita Pawar), Shankar (Dilip Kumar) sells toys for a living, but is addicted to alcohol. He is attracted to Parvati (Nimmi), who also lives a poor lifestyle along with her step-brother, Jagat Narayan (Kanhaiyalal), his wife (Leela Misra), and their daughter, Pushpa (Usha Kiron). After an argument with his mother, Shankar departs to the city, gives up drinking, earns a lot of money, and returns home just to time to pay off his mortgage. But his world will soon be shattered after he goes to ask for the hand of a now wealthy Parvati. This is where he will be forced to face his past, and ultimately be told that her marriage has been arranged elsewhere. Unable to live without her, he takes up drinking again and heads on to a path of self-destruction.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)