5 Excellent

Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh............i jus dont knw where 2 start from...........SHAHRUKH KHAN rocked it again n it was an excellent treat 2 us from him after a long time. If i used da world's best words 4 him n 4 da movie wont be enough........it was an excellent movie, excellent direction, excellent editing, excellent script, excellent acting by da girls n above all excellent acting techniques by da one n only king khan SHAHRUKH KHAN.........truly u r da badhsha of bollywood.......I am not an indian but i was bitting my nails while watching da matches between da india team n others.....i loved konal, priety, bindia, balbir n vidya.....all otha galz were good as well but these stand out 4 me....... there wasnt a single moment dat wasnt good. it was a perfact film......n especially this movie will shut all those mouths who hav been saying shahrukh cant do diff roles....this film had no heroien no song n dance which otha similar movies like laggan had...what r they gona say now???? well its a must watch 4 an indian but it is a movie which otha ppl can watch as well cz da message it conveys is 4 all da ppl especially 4 girls.....loved it loved it loved it... n shud get all top awards this year n SRK shud definately get da best actor no matter what happenes..if they dont give it 2 him this year then they will be soooo baised. A MUST WATCH NO MATTER IF U R INDIAN OR NOt

n tarun adarsh u shud go 2 doctors 4 chek up...plz accet my advise befo u lose ur sence of judging