4.5 Excellent

Irrespective of the fate of this latest flick from the Yash Raj stable; everyone will admit that after two consecutive content less capers, the banner has shot back with meaningful cinema this time around. It would be unjust to term this Shamit Amin movie as a sports film. It is a movie which treads diversified paths of patriotism, team spirit, women upliftment, sportsmanship, faith, determination and not to forget unity in diversity!! Seems quiet heavy right?? It would have been the case; but the filmmaker has narrated the plot in such an entertaining manner that it brings smiles on your face even while leaving your eyes moist. It’s a story of a man who tries reliving his dream through women’s hockey team, in the process of reinstigating his tarnished image through the very game which had led him to be projected as a traitor. It celebrates the spirit of winning, spirit of unity, the spirit of patriotism.

Shahrukh is good. It is one of his better performances (not exactly his best) in a genre which is out of his comfort zone(Romance). However the biggest star of movie is its Concept and novel storyline. The narrative is impressive. The characters are real & believable. All the girls have been used with definite purpose and contribute in their own right. Music had limited scope but gels with the flow. Cinematography is of A league. Editing could have been better. The director has shown lots of promise. We can just pray that after every Jhoom Barabar, YRF will give us a Chak De!! A lot of commercial thought has gone into the making- Reference to different regions, religions, patriotic taste and encouragement to the fairer sex. All this coupled with good execution should land it on the winning side at Box office. All said; one has to admit that even with so much good; something is still missing in the flick. With its novel concept; it could have been a landmark movie of all times, had it been executed better with crisper mightier cinematic punches. It will win critical acclaim but might just fail to enter the Lagaan league. Still a must watch!