4.5 Excellent


Chaahat is a fabulous movie directed by Mahesh Bhatt who has given us good films in the past. It stars Pooja Bhatt daughter of Director Mahesh Bhatt, who usually is casted in his movies. This is a serious movie with action, little comedy, romance, serious stuff. You have seen shahrukh khan as the obsessed lover, this time its vice versa. The actress played by Rambha is obsessed with Shahrukh khan. Naseerudin Shah plays the villain in this film and delivers a terrific performance. Pooja Bhatt is decent in this movie, she needs to lose weight. Rambha is outstanding as the obsessed psychotic, disturbed and spoilt girl who gets what she wants by her gangster brother. She wants a man, and that man is Shahrukh Khan who gives a dynamic performance. Anupom Kher is wonderful as Shahrukh Khans father in this film. i love the ending of this film, both father and son give a superb performance. The final fight scene is excellent and thats why Shahrukh khan is a superstar.