4 Very Good


BROTHERS - WARRIOR the movie which has been remade as Brothers is one of my favorite Hollywood action film. And the reason why i liked it because it has fights choreographed so well that they looked real ,no CGI , no weapons only real fight . And i was excited when i heard that Karan Malhotra is remaking it who made such a delightful Agneepath remake. But i was scared with the question that can Bollywood make those fights look as good as compared to the Hollywood version . Then again the movie has been produced by Dharma production and FOX stars , they could have easily hired a Hollywood action director . But that's not the case. I guess they have thought keeping the budget low will be the good idea. Or may be they have thought Indian audience doesn't have high standard on 'One on One MMA' fights. But they forgot that Indian youth is totally opened to Hollywood movies . Our standards are high now , I my self is not satisfied with this. Not a single good fight was their. In all the action sequences the Camera and the Background music are shaking much more then the Fighter themselves , just for making the fighting intense which actually are not good at all . Its like Come On Man i have seen Akhsay doing better moves in non action films , he is not that old for being incapable of doing action scenes.. Its totally the fault of action choreographer , in fact even in 90s Akhsay have done better then this. In one scene Shidharth's character just punch his opponent's chin and the opponent who was double of his weight lost the fight on that single punch.. That scene was not at all believable , instead i was laughing on it , as it was just done because same has been done in the Hollywood version , the only difference is that the physic what Tom Hardy had in WARRIOR was much better , and with his great expression his punch was believable. Here is one more , in another fight one fighter just kick his opponent and his opponent flies 4 metre away to the cage boundary. Does that really happens in real world. But wait m not finished , in a sequence a Chinese fighter did a move in the air(which was yes correctly done) and Akshay dodges it by sliding down , that scene is so badly edited that its clearly visible the move and the dodge has been done separately and than both the scenes has been combined to show together. I mean why to do such scenes which you cant show correctly. Why not just stay on the ground and use your hands and legs to punch and kick and dodge like Martial Arts does. That's better to watch as compared to computer effect and flying with the help of rope. And yes the last fight between brothers which everyone has been waiting. My god , with Brothers India has beaten its own record of being melodramatic . Earlier we have seen Melodrama in emotional and romantic scenes but in Brothers you will see Melodrama in an action scene. Seriously saying , it all depend on how much your standards are high with action sequences , if you don't watch Hollywood film , don't know much about how real MMA fight look like then you have like the fights in brothers as i have seen people blowing whistle in there . All the above things i have written was just about the second half from which i had great expectations . But the first half was even worse. All the back story in Warrior which has been discussed by two brothers in it withing 10 mins has been shown in long 1 hr in this Bollywood version. Which could have been good if not stretched so long. "Why not to concentrate on MMA if the movie is made on it" , "o wait Indian audience like back stories and tear jerking moments , so let fill the whole first half with sad melodramatic scenes". In between that long stretched first half there were two beautifully picturized songs 'Sapna Jahan'