4 Very Good

Break Ke Baad

First of all a pat on the back to Prasoon Joshi. His unconventional lyrics are like a refresher.

Coming to the music. The album does not have typical Bollywood ishtyle songs. Its really a welcome change. The album is more oriented towards western music. A trend which has been continuation for quite some time now.

Almost all the songs are worth listening. They take time to get over you.

Shekhar as a singer has been a revelation. 'Dhoop Ke Makaan' is easily the best song of the album.

A special mention of the song 'Dooriyan Hain Zaroori'. The song is supposed to depict sadness and pain but it has a rock feeling to it. I hope it is well picturised on screen.

Overall job well done by the team of Vishal Shekhar and Prasoon Joshi.