2 Average

‘Duniya Ka Sabse Bada Nasha – Risk.’ This is a dialog in the film Blue, and if you take out how much of the producers’ money was risked in the film, there is no other risk taken. With that kind of a theme, Blue could have easily been made into a great underwater adventure film with some risks (and of course some thought too). The people involved in the film were only interested in money whether it is earning it or spending it. After watching Blue, one can say that the dialog written above is wrong and Duniya ka sabse bada nasha isn’t risk but paisa.

Anybody hearing the narration of this story would know instantly that the soul of the film is the TREASURE HUNT, and thus the film should focus on that portion more. But the problem with an underwater adventure is while you are under the sea you can’t say anything. So the film has to be dialog-less for that period of the film. Thus it is a risk to make the hunt the focus of the film, if at all the audience loses interest in the hunt, the entire film loses out then and there. But how good is to sacrifice the soul of the film for not taking a risk!!!!! Anthony D’ Souza prefers not to take the risk and instead of concentrating on the hunt, he concentrated on the bare tattooed body of Akshay Kumar, stunts, bikinis, vulgar humor and Kylie Minogue!!!!!! BAD OPTION Mr. D’ Souza. You ruined the entire film just to avoid the risk and thereby killed the soul of the film.