3.5 Very Good

Blue Umbrella

This is a dramatics movie by Vishal Bhardwaj.This movie's story is Nandkishore Khatri (Pankaj Kapoor) is a miserly wicked villager who never misses an opportunity to loot the innocent simpletons in the village. Bindiya is a shrewd girl in the village with all the naughtiness of the girls of her age intact. One morning, while passing through the fields, she comes across an umbrella; a beautiful, attractive piece of art. She has never seen anything more beautiful and so buys it in exchange of her lucky charm, her claw-locket. Neither has Nandkishore seen something similar. He somehow wants to get hold of that umbrella, by hook or by crook. One day, it gets stolen and after a few days Nandu gets a similar umbrella of a different colour. The unsuspecting villagers never get sense of the truth but Bindiya, still not having recovered from the pain she suffered at the loss of something very close to her heart, digs out the truth. Is Nandu the real thief? Would he continue getting respect in the village? Is the umbrella really his own? Can Bindiya get back her umbrella? What after getting it back...would the villagers be happy? That's the story about.

Now come to the performances.Vishal Bhardwaj as Writer & Director done well.Pankaj Kapoor is good as Nandkishore Khatri.After all this is a flop movie.Because in India This kind of movie in not do well in boxoffice.