5 Excellent

Black & White

Bursting with musical ecstasy, Black & White will surely strike a chord only with musical connoisseurs. Of course for those ears are trained to heavy metal and contemporary music, it is bound to seem questionable. Which is my Mr. Tuteja should not be permitted to review music of the genre of Black & White and Jodha Akbar: it is like offering a rose to a monkey; what is a beautiful flower will be stripped to petals and discarded with filth.

Returning to the film tracks, there is 'Jogi Aaya' which is liquid melody. When you shut your eyes and listen to the song, you feel like someone who has had a whole pint of wine, and is lying in the darkness of a pub, alone, away from the crowd, remembering a lover.
'Main chala' is sublime, inspirational, with melody that claws at your ears even after the songs, and lyrics that stir a little storm within.
'Peer Manava' is a celebration, and fills you with the theme of festivity. It has a raw beauty to it that is scented with earth dust and decorated with claps. You are left with a feeling of joi-de-verve by the time the song ends.
'Haq Allah' is a powerful song that falls under the Sufi genre. With lyrics that will bring about a surge of faith in those who listen intently.
'Ye Hindustan Hai' is a patriotic number reminiscent of songs in some of older Subhash Ghai films. It grows over you, especially the music piece used in the beginning of the song and then repeated in the song many times over.
Again, set Mr. Tuteja's review aside, and treat yourself to this brilliant album. You are worth every second of breathtaking melody this album offers.