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Bin Bulaye Baarati Movie Review

Bin Bulaye Baarati Movie Rating

Non-stop laughathons are considered safe bet at the box-office. Take a wacky script, pack gag after gag, cast names with good comic timing... well, a leave-your-brains-at-home entertainer is ready to be served. Director Chandrakant Singh does just that.

BIN BULAYE BARAATI follows the footsteps of successful masala movies, which defy rationale and logic. The sole motive/intention is to entertain. Though the film may not boast of a novel plot -- we have witnessed similar stories in the past -- and you may even complain that the screenplay tilts towards ridiculous and absurd, but the fact is that the entertainment quotient keeps you hooked at most times. Of course, BIN BULAYE BARAATI is strictly for those who love masala films, the 'single screen audience' in trade parlance.

This one's for the aam aadmi...

Durjan Singh [Gulshan Grover] is a dangerous dacoit from Chambal. He comes to the city with the theft he has accumulated [diamonds and jewels]. He meets a don, Gajraj [Mukesh Tiwari] and his right-hand Ranjeet [Hemant Pandey], tells them to sell the jewelry, take their 10% and give the balance money back to him.

Meanwhile, AD [Aftab Shivdasani], who is being chased by police, escapes in Gajraj's vehicle. AD is dating police inspector PP's [Om Puri] niece Shreya [Priyanka Kothari]. Coincidentally, Murari [Rajpal Yadav], Hazari [Sanjay Mishra] and Chetta Singh [Vijay Raaz], who are on the run, jump in the same van. The cops are on the lookout of all four for different reasons.

They reach the village which is terrorized by Durjan Singh. The villagers think the cops have arrived, since they are dressed in uniforms, so that they can save them from the clutches of dacoits.

BIN BULAYE BARAATI rests on a flimsy plot and even the screenplay is plain ridiculous. But it's a film for a specific target audience and that segment of moviegoers might enjoy the thrills, humor and of course, the songs, especially 'Shaalu' [Mallika Sherawat].

Director Chandrakant Singh needs to concentrate on a sound script, if he intends to make similar genre movies. Anand Raaj Anand's music caters to the masses, in fact is in sync with the genre of the film.

Aftab Shivdasani is strictly okay. Priyanka Kothari is passable. Amongst supporting actors, Gulshan Grover, Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari, Vijay Raaz and Hemant Pandey are seasoned players all and hence get it right. Shakti Kapoor does well. The scenes between Om Puri, Rati Agnihotri and Neeraj Vora are funny.

On the whole, BIN BULAYE BARAATI is for the single screen audience/hardcore masala film fans!

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