3 Good


Bhoothnath has a strictly mediocre album. The songs are of a widespread genre, from the cool, fast-paced ones (hum to hain andhi), the fun, energetic ones (banku bhaiyya), to the slow, emotional numbers (chale jaane do). Because of this, it is likely that everyone will have a different favorite and least favorite song, but it is still unlikely that somebody would like all the songs. Essentially, while every song is likable by different types of people, no one will like all the songs.

For instance, I found chale jaane do to be an absolute bore, while others enjoyed it immensely.

On the other hand, Banku Bhaiyya is impressive, though it lacks the uniqueness (for lack of a better word) to remain on the charts for long.

Hum to Hain Aandhi, for me, seems to be the only song of its genre that is actually great. The picturization of the song also adds immensely to its popularity (I personally thought that this scene was hilarious).

Mere Buddy is another decent song that is likable, but not for long. It does get boring after quite a few listens, though, implying that this song will not live long past the lifetime of the movie. Its picturization has nothing much to add either.