4.5 Excellent

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

After so many takes on comedy, Priyan-Akki combo is back, but this time it's not a comedy (though there are some funny moments), it's horror. It's not a typical horror movie though, it tries to present a scientific approach to exorcism. I would have liked the movie a bit more, if Akki's entry was earlier, climax was a bit shorter, no song between Shiney and Vidya and better placement of Hare Rama song (it plays during end credits).

The treatment is new. Akki is top class, Rajpal's character is forced, Paresh Rawal is underutilized, Shiney Ahuja some times seems to be trying too hard, Amisha Patel is good for a change, Viday Balan has also played her part well. Other actors have done decent job. Dialogues could have been better. Overall the must watch movie.