4 Very Good

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

hype all created cauz of priyadarshan n akshay combo.. with cool promos n super hit songs.. hare ram hare krishna.. n seriously they all went rite ..movie is really good..

movie starts with a normal routine daily life going on ..in a small town . with paresh rawal preparing to paint n made a castle worth living for american return shiney anuja..n the general perception of the ppl of this town..is that in this castle there is a ghost living.. on a 3rd floor..

when shiney anuja n vidya came to de castle n live over there. vidya opened the 3rd floor room n door inside. n then all the myteric things started to happen n all thing that ghosts has been come out n doing all this .

entry of akhsay kumar comes out as some good comedy scenes .. with akshay serious face expression shows that he is a real phsycatrist.

n the way he found who is been going with the mental prb is really good n acceptable ..

performance of akshay is just flawless.. shiney anuja give decent performanc. another flawless performance by vidya balan .. amisha patel has a small role. a bit .. as compare to others.. but did a fine job .. paresh rawal.. n rajpal yadav were good as usual