2.5 Good

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

ow where do I start? I mean not much has to be explained when your watching a Salman Khan movie. It's basically obvious that any movie he does will be a hot because the lack of brains for the majority of Hindi dim audience.This is the worst movie I have seen of Salman Khan.It was intolerably stupid and a pain to watch had not expected too much but this one crossed all the limits.Awful songs and duologue's. These people have enough money to throw in production and then make money out of common man. In the name of art they are looting people and big banners block all screens too such that common people do not have option to watch other movies as I wanted to watch terminator but no screen was available. What a sorry state and surprised that it is still running in cinema halls. Something is terribly wrong with India.