3.5 Very Good

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Munni (Hrshali Malhotra), six-year-old daughter, who are at Kurukshetra during an event from Pakistan to India is in error. Munni can not speak, so he could not explain to the people and not the people can understand him. But then he met Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi ( Salman Khan ) is from. Wind is a simple, true and noble heart guy. Munni after meeting the purpose of wind becomes wind carry him safely to Pakistan and from here begins the real movie.

Love Life is the story of the wind. Rasikaa (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is a teacher in Delhi. "Operation Munni 'are formed in the Pakistani journalist Nwajuddin Siddiqui Wind companion. Without passports, without visas wind child arrived in Pakistan, but countries' borders, religion, love and above all human emotions in the film also adds a touch of fun and has many serious questions surface.

Director Kabir Khan, a top-quality. Documentary films after 'Kabul Express', 'New York' and 'One tiger' films and strengthened them. "Bajrangi Baijan 'strong hold in every frame of the script and made the film was not linger appears anywhere. Screenplay is amazing. After a long time there was a film that powerful entertainment and communicate emotions take over loaded.

The film has Salman Khan and it is evident in every frame. Without any doubt, it is going to be one of his best films. Actor Salman racy entertainer and film about it than he did a great job.

Nwajuddin Siddiqui did the same, for which he is known. His hundred percent in the role of a journalist. Nawaz's dialogue delivery Hrpl smile on your Cehrne maintains. Being the second film with Salman between the two actors is wonderful mirrored-Ordineshn. Kareena Kapoor Khan 's character was very sweet.

The music of the film is an old folk song, "Today is the color 'starting' Selfi 'and Adnan Sami end up on the qawwali. The song has become so popular that simply have made their way into the auto ranging from disco Thek.

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