3.5 Very Good

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

We...the bollywood movie fans are just like a family...scattered around the globe, coming together only in the cinemae Houses. During last few years a lot of Guests (atithi's) have come to visit these houses and have tired to make us laugh. Some of these guests slapped each other on unexpected moments just to make us laugh; a few fell all over the place; a few tried to make us laugh through dual meaning gay / toilet jokes. Few of these guests have really been successful in making us laugh liek crazy as long as they stayed with us in the house. But there have been very few guests who focused more on making us SMILE rather than laughing like crazy. And even a lesser number of them have succeeded in leaving such a mark in our minds that this SMILE stays on our lips and souls even after they leave.

Such guests are always looked forwarded to and this Friday, we have had exactly one of such guests visit us in the cinema houses. This sutle yet humorus; mellow yet funny; crazy yet intelligent Atithi doesn't only make us enjoy his stay, but also leaves a lasting smiles much deeper than our lips.

Well, as they say, even the precious of metals have some weak points, same is the case with this atithi as well. This guest farts a bit more than tolerable, becomes a little annoying at times and gets off the track here and there. But thankfully it soon gets back on track everytime. (Though one wishes that the second half of his stay was a bit more composed).

The best thing though about this atithi is that he doesn't only make us feel pleasent through his innocent yet intelligent humor, but also reaches a bit deep and tries to re-ignite a few dying flames in our social life-style. Without being preachy, he tries to touch our emotions in just the right proportions. There are no attempts to jolt out heart, but there are deffinitley a few reminders that the fast pace of our lives is making us miss something very importnat. Although mildly, but one does feel the importnace of being rooted to his soil while observing this guest.

This guest has a hihgly competent soul in the form of Paresh Rawal (without a doubt this is his best work after Hera Pheri) and two very dependable shoulders with the names of Ajay Devgan and Konkona Sen. Whereas the soul gives the positive substance to us, the shoulders ably support the weight of this substance.

The Atithi has some excellent dialogues to speak and is well composed by one who has sent him to us (the director).

Final word. This atithi might not throw you in rounds of crazy laughter but will decorate your lips with a continuous smile; he might not cause you to finsh the tissue box but will deffinitely moist your eyes a couple of times; and he might not jolt your soul but will help you to realize how beautiful your original soul is.

I would recommend you to welcome this Atithi in your house and better enjoy his stay as he has literally no plans to leave you.