4.5 Excellent


Anjaam is a Great underrated Movie with attitude. Shah Rukh Khan plays the obsessed phycho lover after Baazigar and Darr. Both were Great Films, Anjaam is another Hit added to his list. Shah Rukh Khan delivers a powerful and great performance. Madhuri Dixit gives another powerful and Superb acting as the women who goes through many bizarre incidents. She gets framed for murder and ends up in a brutal prison. The Prison is used like a brothel in nights, focusing in police corruption. One of the serious Scenes include, when a 9 Months Pregnant Madhuri gets beaten like crazy, she gets whacked in the stomach by the corrupt Police by a stick. Madhuri goes on a quest for revenge, Lots of Violence including the death of her brother in law. Madhuri bites his hand so badly, that his skin comes off.

I expected this to be a romantic movie, with a bad guy that likes a married women. Instead, i see a serious movie that kicks ass. Great acting and madness of a storyline. Worth the watch.